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OptionEye Morning Market Macro Outlook - April 30th

Good morning.


Today it is all about the P's. ADP and GDP. And oh yea, the Fed decision.


And it that is not enough for you it is the end of the month as well.


Overnight, corn is down 4, beans are down 4 and wheat is down 4.


Stories of global wheat supplies compensating for any losses here in the States. Delay stories also still doing the rounds propelling corn to its highest close in 8 months.


Oil is getting close to breaking back through $100 and trades at $100.02 down $1.26. Gold is lower as well to $1290.06 down $5.84.


The 10 year yield is firmly rooted to 2.70% adn stocks are slightly lower. In European equities are mixed.


The dollar is weaker which may help commodities this morning trading lower to 79.66 down .145.


Again, the Fed decision and ADP with GDP will keep us busy this morning.



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