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Senior Contributor

OptionEye Morning Market Macro Outlook - May 7th

Good morning.


Corn quiet and trading a tad better, wheat 3 lower and soybeans are 3 lower as well.


Chatter on the floor that the soybean number could be big means it is probably small. 26 years in the industry usually has be go the opposite way of all the talk.


Stocls are up a little this morning with Dow futures trading 35 higher. The 10 year yield is 2.59% and going nowhere fast.


Crude is higher and over $100 to $100.30 up .80 cents.


Gold is higher too at $1310.00 up $1.06 on more Ukraine tensions. The dollar is a little stronger this morning to 79.13 up .04.


Getting closer to the report day an already jittery market will be more so today.

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