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OptionEye Morning Market Macro Outlook - May 9th

Good morning.


Today is the day.


Avg est. for ending stocks - corn 1.314, beans .134 and wehat .588.

Avg est . for new crop       - corn 1.672, beans .307 and wheat .553.


Obviously quiet overnight. Corn down 1, soybeans up 2 and wheat up 2.


All talk and no action. Big had, no cattle.


That is the central bank world we live in today.


Gold is up $2.83 to $1292.13. Oil is up .42 cents to $100.68.


The 10 year is at.....yes, you guessed it, 2.60%. Well, just under at 2.594. No real story there yet.


Stocks are lower this moring as/was Europe. Most bourses off .50% to 1.40%.


The dollar is significantly stronger this moring up to 79.68 which is stronger by .32.

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