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OptionEye....Nov. 1st

Happy November.


Most in the business have been commenting on how bad the volumes have been last month. I think it has a lot to do with the fiscal cliff, the election, high prices and a very very uncertain future. The turning of the calendar page will not change any of that but the passing of time will help.


Wheat corn and beans all higher. Talk of demand and a tighter crops have got things pretty well underpinned.


Oil unchanged and gold unchanged as well.


Still glued to the tube watching how bad hurricane sandy really hit NJ.

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Re: OptionEye....Nov. 1st

Happy November back to you.  I took my first 2 semi's off last night 21 to 20 % corn. Now waiting for the next one. Basis is real funny here in NE Wis,  20 miles apart -40 to -20.  Will all go for dairy feed mills.  Just can not understand basis difference so much in just a short distance. I believe maybe sell off of stock market this month and buy back in Dec to take profit this year, before new taxes next year.

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