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OptionEye...Nov 21st

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving.


It is a joy and privilege to be a part of this website and I continue to learn something new all the time listening to the folks that help make this website the best in the industry. I hope all you and your families have a healthy and happy holiday.


The Ag sector is up this morning. Volumes are thinner and I expect that they will get worse before they get better.


Oil and gold are up. Equities are flat. Ten year note is flat as well...Probably a good indication of the day.


Weather is still very dry. I am heading out to our farm for the holiday later this afternoon. Looking forward to it.


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Re: OptionEye...Nov 21st

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Shellady ! Have fun on the farm ! Ken
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Re: OptionEye...Nov 21st



Can you hit replay on your take on the VIX? I'm learning that it is reaching a multi-year low. What does this tell us? Have the financial markets gained more comfortable that the 'sideline' money is back on the 'field', with the election process behind us? What are your thoughts on the VIX. And, if you could, hit the highlights of what it is and why you have always kept the side of one of your eyes on it.





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Re: OptionEye...Nov 21st

Dry it is, state of Nebraska about as dry as it gets. Jobless numbers droped because of hurricane sandy,like you said is it a good thing to have a disaster to get more people working. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mike and Jeff and the rest of the people at SF.

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Re: OptionEye...Nov 21st

I don't think our leadership gets it.
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