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OptionEye.....Nov 28th 7:00

Good morning I think....



Corn up 10 to 11

Soybeans up 13 to 15

Wheat up 10 to 12


Gold is up $30

Oil is up $3.00


The dollar is weaker and the Euro stronger.


The world is ok again. You can all go home.


The IMF rumor is just that. They don't have the money to bail out Italy and have denied the prospect. We have had some decent sale figures from the weekend. Equities have been down seven days in a row and I think that the market was thirsty for ANYTHING not negative. The world is soaring on hope this morning.


Stay tuned.



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Re: OptionEye.....Nov 28th 7:00

Whew that was close!!

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Re: OptionEye.....Nov 28th 7:00

December contracts of corn and wheat are approaching first notice day weds. where longs need to be out or risk delivery..Friday saw expiration of December options and Commitment of Traders report will be issued this afternoon. Weekly inspections at 10 AM today...grains should be able to follow the outsides and stay green today, so turn around tuesday may be key in determining if a bottom has been put in last friday... have a great week!!
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Re: OptionEye.....Nov 28th 7:00

OptionEye, over the last year, has the volume at night been higher some days  then the volume during the day  session? 

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Re: OptionEye.....Nov 28th 7:00

I would have to think that the end users will be back buying these grains very soon.