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OptionEye...Nov 29th

Good morning all.


GDP is picking up and that should be a good thing. 2.7% is getting better.


Gold is up. Oil is up. The 10 year is 1.628% and the Euro is hanging around 1.30.


I think that this market would really benefit from some certainty from Washington. If that would happen we would really take off.


Beans up 10 with corn and wheat a touch better as well.


Blah blah blah fiscal blah blah cliff.....can't turn on the TV.

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Re: OptionEye...Nov 29th

looks like we could have a few key reversals and bearish outside days for the grains..............not best price action


poor export sales this a.m. other then bean products


and still not getting much in the form of wheat exports

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