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OptionEye....Oct 23rd

Good morning.


Still listening to the post debate drivel.


As far as the markets go things don't look so good. Earnings are disappointing. Stocks off hard with the Dow down triple digits. Oil off $1.32 and gold down over $20. Ags are following suit and are all trading lower as well.


This is a very listless market and my fear is we are setting up for a surprise. I'm just not sure where we go or when we go. I am sure of one thing. With either candidate we have a significant wall of money waiting to be unleashed in the market whenever this election bull is over.


Keep your powder dry.

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Re: OptionEye....Oct 23rd

There's a difference between equities and ag commodities. Equities depend on profits divided by the shares in the market. In a consumer driven economy the stock market went about as high as is possible IMO. Say what you will, the middle class is tapped out. Banks and other big financial investers are relying on the stock market for profits rather than lending money to consumers at current low rates(assuming they would even rtake a loan or would qualify). It becomes a self defeating exercise. By the way, It's one reason I want to see the Glass Steigal Act returned so banks don't have conflicting motives that will harm patrons or the economy.


Ag commodities in short supply markets like this one will do fine. Prices will be sustained by need and the lack of alternatives. It has always been thus. It always will be. Price is not a deterrent in the end.

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Re: OptionEye....Oct 23rd



Big Ben says I'm outta here soon. Does this mean bye bye to lower interest rates and a lower U.S. Dollar? What's the big picture with Big Ben out of the picture?





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