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Senior Contributor

OptionEye....Oct 26th

GDP is out a little bit above expectations. Market is taking it in a lackluster way. Kind of hard to get excited about 2.0% GDP growth. Can we get excited about it? I guess...


Grains really taking it on the chin. Demand is thin and trading volume is thinner. A lot of folks in the know feel as though we really aren't going anywhere far from here any time soon.


Equities are weak. Technical things look pretty ugly. But, maybe, just maybe this GDP number is going to save things....for today and only today. I still have a lot of fear about what can happen.


Corn and wheat are slightly better today. Beans are a little easier....not sure what the day will bring but lately things in the pits have been pretty bleak.


Hope everyone is enjoying the autumnal weather.  



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