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OptionEye.......Sept. 10th

Good morning.


Summer refusing to loosen its grip on the Midwest.


There is a little part of me that is slightly confused as to why schools get let out. The last time we were this hot in Chicago was 1983. I was in high school here and can guarantee you that we did not get the day off. As a matter of fact, I am sure we had football practice in the afternoon. What is happening to the toughness of America? Oh well.


Anyway, the market is getting thinner as we get closer to the report. One very peculiar thing to note was the range in Dec15 corn overnight. It was 23 cents on 1000 contracts. Dec13 had a range of 2.75 cents on 8200 contracts. Hhhmmm.


Corn is down 1, beans are down 7 and wheat is up .5 cent.


Rain in the forecast has hit the beans. Some precip has been added in the 6 to 10 day.


The 10 year is on the rise to 2.96% and gold is getting hit, down $18.72 to $1368.31. Oil is also lower by $1.90 to $107.62. We have a very thin economic calendar today. European stocks have led the way as no bombs flying is good for global equities.








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Re: OptionEye.......Sept. 10th

Can't be liable if the little urchins aren't there to fall over from the heat. Toughness has been replaced by fear.
Keep up the good work Scott.
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Re: OptionEye.......Sept. 10th

You played football?  What happened. 

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Re: OptionEye.......Sept. 10th

Have to agree with Farsider on current thinking.
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Re: OptionEye.......Sept. 10th

Thanks for the daily insights on the market, Scott.

Oh, and for a minute there, I thought this was going to turn into one of those 'when I was young' threads, like

When I was young, it was so hot, the corn was popping in the fields, and we never got a day out of school,.   Not only did we not have air conditioning, but the windows wouldn't open.  We didn't whine, we LIKED it that way, made us tough.