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OptionEye.....Sept. 11th

Can't open the day without paying respect to those that we lost on this date 12 years ago.


I lost 2 great friends and a further 3 workmates. I can't describe the hurt and anger. It was an attack on American soil, American ideals and American resourcefulness.


Corn, wheat and beans all higher today as we finish up with the position squaring going into the figures tomorrow morning. Corn up 1, wheat up 2 and beans are up 5. I still think it's all about the good crops in the East vs the bad crops in the West. The USDA has been all over the place lately and it is anyone's guess where they will come in tomorrow.


The President spoke last night and it looks like the equities like what he said. The EuroStoxx index is making new yearly highs. Our equity markets are hovering around unchanged at the moment.


Oil is off .18 cents to $107.21 after a big fall yesterday. Gold is down again as well to $1359.77 which is down $4.08 as we write.


The 10 year is around 2.94% and ultimately I think it will try and get through 3.00% regardless if the economy warrants it or not.