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OptionEye....Sept 18th

Good morning.


Its all about the oil. The flash crash in the crude market yesterday has the word-a-twittering. Any number of rumours doing the rounds and there are a ton of conspiracy theories. But if you go back to yesterday's price action it looks like to me like we had a margin ripple affect doing the rounds. First soyoil, then soybeans, hogs and over to crude oil.


Ultimately I think that it was a very thin, holiday market where a few large stops were hit and with the margin liquidation going on around the complex the tidal wave took over and sellers were in charge.


All other reasons are bunk.


It just makes these hedging tools look dubious at best. That is the real damage.


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Re: OptionEye....Sept 18th

Nice interview on "Money with Melissa." You lucky dog.

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Re: OptionEye....Sept 18th

Thanks Scott,


Thats the best thought I have read on the action yesterday.  

Assuming that----------the trigger was friday on the run up.  And the margin calls had the weekend to ferment.



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Re: OptionEye....Sept 18th

Have you heard the talk of trade war with china?  I don't think that will spill over into commodities though,  They need food for their people is my opinion anyway.  

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