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OptionEye.....Sept. 24th

Good morning.


Let's see. Congressional dysfunction = no volume in the trading world? Yesterday was pathetically slow in terms of number of contracts traded. Overnight beans lead the way higher with both corn and wheat a hair north of unchanged.


I don't think that there was anything in the crop conditions report that was going to shock anyone yesterday. There has been some defensive buying in soybeans overnight as conditions week on week were basically unchanged.


Options volumes have been pretty light as well.


Equities dipped again showing disapproval with the nonsense going on in Washington. To this trader, it's all a bit frustrating. This morning we have an ever so slightly lower equity market waiting for the wonderful men and women in Washington to get to their desks this morning.


Oil is a little lower at $103.40. Gold is lower too at $1313.64. Not a lot out there if you don' want to argue about the taper or no taper debate.


Obamacare is a few days away and will also lend itself to some uncertainty. Debt ceiling and likes will have us sitting on our hands again today.



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Re: OptionEye.....Sept. 24th

well then, time to go SHORT.

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BA Deere
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Re: OptionEye.....Sept. 24th

Imagine if the fed actually did "taper"?   Things must be worse than most of us know.

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