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Senior Contributor

OptionEye - The Cow Guy - April 2nd

Good morning. 


Must admit, I fell victim to a few April fools jokes yesterday. 


Overnight, market is a bit easier on light volumes. Corn down 3, wheat down 10 and soybeans up 7 continuing their run higher. Currently at 9 month highs. 


Stocks are also on a bit of a run and fiinally able to hold their intra-day gains. S & P holding above that key 1880 level and today both the Dow and S & P are higher this morning. 


Gold is up $4.62 to $1283.57 and oil is off .53 cents to $99.21. 


The 10 year squeezing to 2.76% and the dollar is unchanged at 80.09. 


Today we get ADP, hopefully it is a clean - post weather number- and a good one. We also will see Factory Orders and Mortgage Applications. 



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