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OptionEye - The Cow Guy - Dec 31st

Happy New Year to All!


It truly is a blessing to be able to do this job everyday. Outside of being an NFL football player, this was the next best choice for a job. Especially the agricultural sector where I have met, work with and trade against some of the best investors in the world. This is my chance to say thank you. 


Overnight, understandably quiet. Corn slightly lower on thin volume, wheat unchanged and beans are down 3. 


Stocks are quiet as well and slightly higher in overnight trade. the 10 year is still flirting with 3.00% at 2.98% and crude is off .57 cents to $98.72. Gold is up slightly at $1200.59 which is is up $4.09. 


Stay safe and have a great celebration. 


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Re: OptionEye - The Cow Guy - Dec 31st

Happy New Year to you too Scott !


And be carefull dancing the table tops tonight - were not as young as we use to be - Smiley Happy

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