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OptionEye - The Cow Guy - Feb 13th

Good morning. 


Corn up 1, wheat up 2 and the winner this morning - beans up 8. 


Short term supply issues giving a boost to beans helped by some short covering.


European equity prices are lower by .20% to 1.00% this morning giving us here a negative tone for our open. Comcast buys Time Warner for $45 billion creating a 30 million strong customer base. 


Gold continues it's slow steady march higher to $1292.12 up .94 cents which is about 9% higher than its January low. I am still not a buyer. Oil slips back under $100  to $99.81 down .56 cents. 


The dollar is a little weaker at 80.33 down .34. 


Today we get retail sales but it could be a quiet one as the weather sets in on the East Coast. Already getting stories of traders staying home, and tomorrow is a Friday before a long weekend. Might get kind of weird today and tomorrow. 






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Re: OptionEye - The Cow Guy - Feb 13th

The oil thing is real interesting with the number of air travel flights being canceled and highway traffic at a stand still on the I-75 and I -95 corridor lightened demand for  product should exert downward pressure of the fuel market --- 

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Fuel Dropping?

Yeah.    right.  

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Re: Fuel Dropping?

I agree  -  just making some points on fundamentals ---

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