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OptionEye - The Cow Guy - Feb 28th

Good morning. 


Remember, if you want our morning and afternoon commentary email me on


Ok, beans the favorite trade and yesterday didn't let us down. 6500 lot stop, good export sales and.....we finish lower on the day. Funds came in late and took some money off the table. 


Today, beans up 6, corn up 1 and wheat the winner up 9. 


Everyone wants to talk about gold. I think it is overated. Currently down .48 cents to $1330.85. Oil is off .31 cents to $102.09.


The dollar is getting shredded down .47 to 79.80.


Stocks are lower off of a bad GDP number of 2.4% **bleep** expectations of 2.5% and against last print of 3.2%. All I can say is that it better be the weather. 


Glad to see the take up on the newsletter. 

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Re: OptionEye - The Cow Guy - Feb 28th

Thanks Scott! Got the newsletter again this morning. GOOD SUMMARY!

I don't understand the charts page, as I am just a man of the soil-- serf, not a trader, but the reading is good stuff.

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