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OptionEye - The Cow Guy - Feb 6th

Good morning. 


Finally getting a bit of a rally in corn. Getting to the outside band of the straddle sales we saw some commercial houses over the last few weeks. Corn up 2, beans and wheat up 1.


Volatility is still low. ECB rate decision today, non-farm payroll tomorrow and the USDA on Monday should give us some sort of movement and at the very least something new to talk about. 


Equities are a little better this morning on the hopes that Europe helps. 


Gold is up $4.07 to $1261.99. Oil is getting a boost by $1.05 to $98.43. The dollar is a little stronger this morning as we lurch into Friday's numbers with weather in the headlines. 


Is the economy getting better? This will be the true debate all year. I say it is not as strong as the talking heads would like you to think. I am worried about deflation. I want housing to be as strong as it possibly can as I am long a few units but the reality is that things on Main street have not improved that dramatically. 

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Re: OptionEye - The Cow Guy - Feb 6th

The glass is half full.  Is everything perfect, NO but under the political situation we find ourselves it will be extremely difficult to do anything.   Is business getting better in Real Estate, I say a definite YES. 

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