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OptionEye - The Cow Guy - Jan 10th

And here we go...fasten your seatbelts. This could be a bumpy ride. 


USDA at 11:30 and Non-farm at 7:30. 


The grains have been taking it on the chin hard as the weak longs bail on this market. 


Currently wheat is headed for its sixth weekly drop. Maybe the numbers today will give it some support. Corn is not faring much better. Inventories of corn in the U.S. on Dec. 1 look to have jumped by as much as 34% from last year. That would be the biggest gain for that date since 1994. 


Beans are up 3, corn down 3 and wheat down 1. 


The 10 year has backed off as well to 2.96 with Gold laying there at $1233.64 up $5.69. Oil is up .83 cents to $92.49. 


Let's what the day has in store for us. I know most have been looking forward to the reports since the middle of December. 



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Re: OptionEye - The Cow Guy - Jan 10th

How is the volume in the options pit this morning?

I bought a Dec. 4.80 call for 21 cents. Just cuz.

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