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Senior Contributor

OptionEye - The Cow Guy - Jan 16th

Good morning. 


Wheat and corn up 1. Beans up 3. Beans up for a sixth session in a row on Far East China demand. Corn having a problem lifting its head as the opposite Far East issue plagues any rallies. Exports look muted as China uses up its own domestic stocks. 


the 10 year rate languishing around 2.87%. Oil has a big rally on inventories yesterday and is slightly higher at $94.23 this morning which is up .06 cents. 


The dollar is unchanged around the 81.00 level. 


The debate is how to invest for 2014. Last year in the equity markets, it was Trading 101 for Neanderthals. All you had to do was to read and listen to what the Fed was saying, buy with both hands and your eyes closed like a Neanderthal. Not a lot of thinking. Just reaction. 


This year is going to be Trading 101 for Neurosurgeons. You will need to be very precise. Keep your hands from shaking in big sell offs like last Monday and be more particular about the sectors or commodities you are investing in. 


Let's see if it plays out that way. 

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