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OptionEye - The Cow Guy - Jan 21

Good morning.


More snow and wind and cold. I guess I shouldn't be surprised living here but it sure is getting old. We must have surpassed our annual snowfall already by 10% at least. 


Oh well. 


Corn down 2 again on more South American rain stories. Beans getting hit hard as well down 16 cents. Wheat is the strong one this morning up 1 after a long slide. 


WSJ reports yesterday that the Brazilian harvest for corn will fall to 75.6 mm tons from 82.1 mm tons last year. I think that is why corn isn't down more with a 16 cent sell off in beans. 


Stocks are a little better this morning. We get Initial Jobless Claims this morning to see where the economy may or may not be going. 


The 10 year is trading at 2.85% this morning, really in no man's land waiting for more news. 


Gold sliding to $1243.80 which is down $10.85 and oil is a little higher at $94.61 up .24 cents. 


The dollar is a little stronger at 81.31 and still above that 80.00 level. 








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