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OptionEye - The Cow Guy - Jan 6th.

Good morning and welcome back. 


It is a bit nippy out there this morning. Lake County Indiana declared a state of emergency yesterday and all civilian vehicles on the road after 6:00 pm were to be ticketed. Ugly. 


Cold weather the reason 'du jour' for the little rally this morning. Wheat up 2, corn and beans up 2 as well. This weeks grain report will dominate headlines as will the jobs number on Friday. 


Gold is slightly better at $1237.73 up .72 cents. Oil took a hit last week but is .56 cents better this morning at $94.52. 


ISM and Factory Orders are on the docket today. ISM has been a good indicator as of late. 


I expect that the business in both grains and fixed income will be getting prepared for the end of week figures.

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Re: OptionEye - The Cow Guy - Jan 6th.

The cold dipped at least as low as Central Kansas, -8 right now forecasted to touch -12 by 0800. Just like Minn, many school districts are closed statewide with just as many starting a couple hours late. Sure hope everyone with vulnerable water pipes left them dripping.

By the way Scott, ticketing vehicles after 1800 yesterday would have been an issue for evening and night shift workers, was there an exceptions for the type of traffic?

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