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OptionEye - The Cow Guy - Jan7th

Good morning. 


Second day in a row I didn't seat walking up the stairs. Bbbrrr.


Lots of stories about how the weather will affect the crops. I think this was more of a 'buy the rumour, sell the fact' type of deal. 


Corn is unchanged this morning. Wheat is down 1 and beans are down 5. 


The year is off to a slow start as we have both crop report on Friday as well as the non-farm unemployment numbers. Lots of traders on the sidelines waiting to see the end of year crop numbers and the health of the economy on the same day. 


Stocks have been lacklustre this year and have been on the negative side. This morning they are higher but that changed after yesterday's morning as well. The 10 year yield is hovering at 2.95%. The dollar is a little weaker but still above that 80 level at 80.627.


Gold is unchanged, up .10 cents to $1238.17 and oil is up .52 cents to $93.95. 


We all sit with baited breath for Friday. 

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