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OptionEye - The Cow Guy - March 10th

Good morning. 


Well, today is the day but I think we will be volatile after the number for the next few weeks regardless. 


Overnight, corn down 7, beans down 9 and May wheat down 7 while March wheat is up 6...


The overnight Sunday sell off is being blamed on tensions in the Ukraine easing. Oh well. 


As for the rest of the market, our stocks are down slightly after the jobs numbers on Friday. While better than expected we clearly have a lot of work to do. Gold is off .38 cents to $1339.60 and oil is off $1.30 to $101.28. 


The dollar is slightly stronger this morning but still under that 80 level at 79.78. 


Let's see what the govt. gives us this morning. 



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Re: OptionEye - The Cow Guy - March 10th

I am hoping for a non event USDA report...Is that possible?

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Re: OptionEye - The Cow Guy - March 10th

no guts no glory  Smiley HappySmiley Happy

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