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OptionEye - The Cow Guy - March 14th

Good morning. 


Wheat still dominating the headlines. Volumes there in the options pit better than in corn. Currently wheat is up 4, corn is up .5 and soybeans are down  4. 


The situation in the Ukraine is still on the front pages and affecting everything. Yesterday stocks sold off hard on geopolitical worries as well as signs of a weakening China. China and the Ukreaine together gave the market a 1-2 punch in the gut. 


Stocks a little easier again this morning after a little bounce overnight. Gold the beneficiary of the global unrest up $3.10 to $1373.24. Oil up as well to $98.63 up .43 cents. 


The dollar is a tad weaker at 79.52 down .09.


The 10 year telling us we have some more things still to worry about as bonds rallied yesterday bringing the yield into 2.64


Happy Friday. 



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