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OptionEye - The Cow Guy - March 6th

Good morning. 


Corn overnight is about 1 to 2 lower, beans are 7 to 8 better and wheat is 2 to 4 lower. 


Kind of a mixed bag with no real direction this morning. 


The Bank of England left rates unchanged. ECB due to announce any time now but are expected to hold the line. We will focus our attention to tomorrow's jobs numbers. They are expected to be about 155k and all I can say is that they better be. At some point in time, we can't blame it on the weather. We have lowered expectations and we are still missing on these numbers. What will the excuse be in June?


On top of that we have some very high prices in some things that we use everyday. We will definitely see food inflation. We see oil over $100 a barrel. Nat gas making a run and folks calling for an interest rate hike. How in the world are we going to afford these things if we can't get more people to work? 


That is going to be the question of the year as I don't think things are as good out there as we are told. 


The 10 year is at 2.71% and Gold is down $1.86 at $1335.03. Oil is clinging to $100 at $100.73 down .72 cents. 


Stocks are....up again. We will be quiet today before the non farm numbers tomorrow.



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