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Senior Contributor

OptionEye - The Cow Guy - Morning Macro Outlook - April 7th

Good morning. 


Wheat up 4, corn down 2 and beans up 1. 


Weather still the driver and will continue to be the headline affecting wheat. Reports out showing rains will be lighter where wheat needs it most. World inventories look to be shrinking and that is the chatter going into the report on Wednesday. What we get from the government is anyone's guess.


It is the start of earnings season and that will be a big driver for stocks. Currently they are lower continuing Friday's slide. The 10 year is lower showing weakness and currently sits at 2.71%. Godl is off by $4.38 to $1299.26. Oil is lower by .52 cents to $100.63. 


The dollar is slightly weaker to 80.32 down .10. 


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