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Senior Contributor

OptionEye - The Cow Guy - Nov 20th

Good morning. 


Corn is down 1.75, beans are up 1 and wheat is unchanged. 


Stocks are slightly lower. Oil is basically unchanged and gold is down $10.00 to $1265.65. 


Still debating the Fed and its policy. Where is this $85 billion per month going? How come it is still very hard to get a loan? Why is our growth so anemic? Where are the jobs? Etc. etc. 


I am not sure what the answers are but we will continue on the this path because those in charge don't have an answer either. QE is simply a way to stall and buy time in the 'hopes' that we find some sort of growth around the corner. Who knows? Maybe this Bitcoin thing will spur on a whole new economy. It is going to take something of that magnitude to shake us from this malaise. 


On the plus side, Deere and Co. has forecast a better 2014 seeing a demand pickup in construction machinery. I hope they are right. 


We get the minutes from the FOMC meeting on the Oct. 29-30 today, Maybe we get some insight there. Don't hold your breath. 



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