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OptionEye - The Cow Guy - Nov 22nd

Good morning. 


As the world turns we try and digest the Fed minutes and a big crop. 


Demand stories doing the rounds as exports climbed to 1.38 mm tons. China was 84% of that total . Weather stories out of India and damaging soybeans in that area. Hence, soybeans are up 11, corn is up 1 and wheat up 3. 


The 10 year sitting at 2.77%. Stocks are unchanged as is Crude Oil. Oil sits at $95.24 down .20 cents and the S & P futures are up .30. 


The dollar is weaker this morning adding to the bullish tone in grains. 


Gold is up $3.64 to $1246.72. The economic calendar is pretty thin on the ground this morning so it looks to be a quiet Friday unless we get a surprise out of somewhere unknown. 



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