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OptioneEye....July 17th

Futures all over the place.


Went to bed up 13, got up down 8 and as I write we are up 10. Hhhmm. I really think that yesterday's condition report supports a higher trade but a little back up now and again would be a healthy thing.


Interesting to read your posts about the ending crop size. Have seen as little as 7bn and as much as 12bn. Every year we get ahead of ourselves but this feels different.


Had a request from Fox News for a cow jacket for 'Judge' Napolitano. Will be interesting to see if he actually wears it.


Good luck today.

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Re: OptioneEye....July 17th

The judge would look good in a black & white.

Read this today. Yogi Berra, "Predictions are hard to make, especially about the future."

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