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Out my back door

the last two years that tied my record per acre yields, where not like this one,   in 2004 after the 1st of June we NEVER got above 90 degrees, we NEVER saw corn roll that year.   same in 2008 or whatever year that was back then,  it was cool the Whole time.   We had WAY better planting conditions and near Ideal stands.   None of those come true this year.  


On a national average this year there has been way to many storms, they didn't allow the irrigators to have full irrigation rights in parts of Nebraska this year,  


I'm still calling BS on a record corn production, Oh I imagin we will get one, but only by USDA counting.     


The corn felt the heat today, course its out my back door,,,the beans I think actually like this, they where behind due to to much rain early in the year,  I plant in 38 inch rows and some of the rows are starting to grow shut in the better dirt.   


We WILL need water to finish this crop out, 

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Re: Out my back door

Took a different route home from the factory today. The crops look really bad only a few miles west of what I've been looking at.