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Out of words?

Have we been living on the extreme edge of rhetoric for so long that there are no words for a ten cent move?

Check mike .......... heart still beating......... back ok?   We need a "big crops get bigger" respirator on this board?

Should be over there by the fire extinguisher....

POTUS pressure rushed out of the room on a quick move ............ nothing left to say.....?

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Re: Out of words? about....

I love it when the hours of preparation and planning come together

Its going to be a great year...despite the fact 20%of the crop isn't, and never will be, planted...  (in our small and unimportant corner of the world...rain and 48 degrees this morning...great for crop developmentSmiley Frustrated)

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Re: Out of words?

Time I heard the call of the great forked tounge wheat broker yesterday......

It is the stuff atomic clocks are set by...... the sound of the wheat broker slipping through the tall grass to reach the awaiting bread basket.  Sure as spring flowers or a republican vote in western Kansas, it calls to all.

"Gigantic" was the leading word for the coming mega crop -- busting the heads to encompass us all.

"Take advantage of these rare higher moves to sell as much as you can, as the basis and futures will surely collapse under the weight of this oncoming maga crop."

It is a shrill call to the curious and desperately in need,  it invades the kansas air the first two weeks of June year without fail.  

And there will be victims of the viper....... as soon as the harvest crews can get out of the oklahoma mud or we have that common 100 degree heat for a week, or two  --- a far less likely phenomena.

well its 10 am and hard working americans are arising to the day of internet social networking and its burden of sencoring each other.



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Re: Out of words?

SW -  trading  floors  substitute,    of  tsunami  algorithms,  and  here  we  are - - -

With,  CONSOLIDATION,   has been  redefined ,  with  heavy  on  the  con side - maybe ?           

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