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So , is Trump's tweet threat of raising tariffs with China got the market spooked or what? Corn down 10. beans down 17 on overnites.  I was about ready to price more old crop corn, looks like that decision might be delayed.

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Re: Overnites

Traders are gonna make so much money off the bankrupt farmer this is what they want and they are getting it, for many farmers its over.
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Re: Overnites

We are wet, wet, wet here in north central Missouri and more heavy rains coming all week.  Probably going to take some really serious weather issues to get these grain markets back up.  I’m going to take a look at our bottom land corn that we planted last weekend right before we got 6 inches. My guess is it’s going to all have to be replanted. Our hill corn is looking decent but most was planted a week or so earlier than bottom land.  

   These prices look like they did 20 yrs ago when beans were $5 and corn $2.  Some have been talking about an ag recession, looks like it’s here to me. Bottom line is that it’s going to take a disastrous situation somewhere and a large area to get prices up.  Not only are the markets spooked, my guess is a lot of farmers are too. Not a good time for cash renters!