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ray h.
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     This time or a little later if every thing is neutral wi have a little uptick in the grains,chart naturals.This is a little different this time,what you say?

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Re: Palouser????????

SWW was a bit short this year. Analysts seem to think SRW will be much smaller. Concerns about HRW with little confirmation. Europe exporting heavily. Australia has been a big concern but i haven't heard if the SE is still dry. I've been traveling again so haven't been checking on things. Ukraine and Russia's crops doing ok but i get the idea new export contracts might be stalled.

All in all wheat seems to be in play again. Im just watching the trends and wonder if it will plateau or be helped along by future developments.
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Re: Palouser????????

Getting the feeling she going to stall here at May 7 bucks soft red cbot

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Re: Palouser???????? - Australia Star sat.

just click your increase page size to 200%



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