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      And for all of you wheat guys,what is your real time prognosis on the impending wheat tour?I am sure they won't even take in consideration the PNW with our pauling 8m average!

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Re: Palouser?

Well new wx data in a few minutes
ago......freese-notice is calling for
33 degrees Wednesday.

Need I say more.

Plus no rain

Plus the wind and dust

One thing about the wheat tour. It is not
Accurate. They stay on oiled roads.
Everyone knows you try to make things
Look good along the high traveled road.
Far more wheat is grown along gravel
and dirt roads than oil.

My opinion.....they will say "about as
Expected, better in the east than west, a lot
Of variability. We really can't tell untilled
The combines are running"

Think of this....a bunch of people in a office
All the time, spend 3 days in the field and
Have all the answers.....

Nothing about random samples, etc.

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Re: Palouser?

The crop condition report for wheat is a bit shocking. Even Wa, which probably has the most consistently good ratings is in the low single digits for excellent. We probably rate wheat pretty hard because we're used to good wheat.


Didn't see the crop progress report on this site today.

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Re: Palouser?

    It just seems like calendar and chart it should be about ready for collapes,however I don't buy it this time!