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Speaking of people who used to contribute good marketing content.


We're planning on being in Spokane in late summer, God willing and the creek don't rise, and I'd always hoped to visit him if I ever got out that way.


Others have asked but did anyone happen to retain any contact info on him?

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Re: Palouser?

I thought I saw him as a sign-in a month or so ago.  Just lurking, obviously.  Maybe send him a private message on this site, although I find that private message thing easy to miss.

I don't have any other help.

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Re: Palouser?

I got a couple of personal messages from him in March when I asked for his response on the board.


I believe the topic of discussion was the prevelance and  promotion of disinformation.....  imagine that  🙂 


I got a chance to thank him for his contributions and tell him I miss him


I believe my answer ended with this comment......  

Nationally as well as on the forums, we are in danger of loosing the educated, thoughtful voice.....  Smiley Happy


Thanks for sharing with me...

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Re: Palouser?

Hardnox.........Mrs. J and i spent a day with Palouser and his wife touring the beautiful area where they live; was several years ago time flies


I have contact information if you are interested......


my email is


Ray J

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