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Re: Peak corn

If you didn't let the good times go to your head and managed on a budget then your COP was already in check.

The biggest gripe I have is fertilizer. I am very happy with my seed and chem cost especially when I then look at performance. Fuel fluctuates but burning at under $2/gallon is pretty good. Machinery is what you make it. Insurance isn't too bad for the risk/reward. I don't play land rent games so could care less either way there.

A nice little squeeze to wring the softies out would be alright in my books

This year is starting to do it slowly around here. Lotta cash rent Cowboys with PP that won't cover the rent. Or slung some beans out in mud that won't make 10 yet they still sprayed em 4 times and will have to run a combine thru and hope the check covers rent and cost
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Re: Peak corn

You don't pay your parents any land rent?
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