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'Perfect' crop weather & growing expectations

That's what Ray Grabanski says this week. That these yield expectations keep moving higher as the weather continues to be favorable for both corn and soybean crops. But, there are some issues out there, as we talked about here this morning.


So, what do you think? Is Ray right or wrong? Will these crops keep getting bigger until the combines roll? 


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Re: 'Perfect' crop weather & growing expectations

Cut first field this last week.  Irrigation water ran out in early July.  Three varieties,  two from  a merchandiser in Nebraska and one dekalb.  104-6 day maturities,  two green snapped 30-40%  Dekalb worst.  One looked good .


Overall 115 b/a 


Wet corn starts next monday.

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Re: 'Perfect' crop weather & growing expectations

Finally found cob sstarting to dent...81 day corn planted May 25. Found out at " Coffee Shop " this morning we have nothing too worry about.....late frost coming !! At 6 months after first thunder storm...frost will not arrive until Oct. 27. Avg. killing frost here is Sept. 25-26.  The extra month will be great !!!!  LOL



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Re: 'Perfect' crop weather & growing expectations

Yep harvest was done on Sunday.

30 minutes of hail

Bare soybean plants

From the ears up on the corn, the top
Was chopped off

Even knocked the.husk off the corn,
Just bare ears hanging.

Sudan grass 6+ foot tall, now 2 foot.

Wish I was smart enough to post pictures.

Yep. EXCELLENT. Crop weather
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Re: 'Perfect' crop weather & growing expectations

Sorry to hear that cheapo, we were able to dodge the severe stuff for the most part.
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