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Picking petals

Well the markets are like picking petals on a flower.
"I should sell, I shouldn't sell". I lost track on what
The current thought is by the " experts".
Wheat...supposed to be plenty of wheat...she be
A planting rally, but sorry 7 cents is not a rally.
Problem, in our neck of the woods, no moisture.
Old saying is "plant it in the dust the grain bins will
Bust".... Just what we need.
Corn and beans...should be going down harvest
Pressure...but its getting to the point where noby believe USDA number bit seems not to matter.
The basis is so crazy, I'm not so sure if it will getuchore pos.
Look at wheat, the basis keeps getting wider !

Oh well maybe find the right flower that will have the answer...

Do thistles have petals
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