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Pictures From Cannon Falls, MN

Here's the pictures I promised.  It took me a while to make these work.


These are from East of Cannon Falls on Hwy 19, an area that a few months ago I said was really nice.


Iphone 141001 015.jpg



These are narrow row beans - 7 inch I think.  This is looking North on Hwy 19 several miles West of Vasa.


Iphone 141001 016.jpg



A closer look at the same field.


Iphone 141001 017_1.jpg



And a close up of the plants.  I was impressed to see this many beans on a plant, 3 to 4 pods on a nod, with mostly 3 bean pods.  In 7 inch rows.  The beans weren't too small either, although moisture today was probably 18 - 20%.  Dried down, I suspect the beans will be 2500/lb or so.  My guess is these fields will not disappoint the farmer - I'm guessing 50+ fairly easily.


Iphone 141001 018_1.jpg



 Iphone 141001 019_1.jpg





I walked in the field off of a driveway, and picked an area that looked representative.  Again - nice.  Probably not 200, but 150+.


That's it for tonight.  Glad to see I finally got these to go.



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