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Planting progress

Well I'm in SE NE pretty close to Nebraska CIty,,, I saw no one planting the last few days.   Sevearl planters out of the shed, I was told there was one report of a guy going in the RIver bottoms south of Neb. CIty  and I think my neighbor might be planting cause he went by with his nurse tank a couple of times..   I took a quick swing through the river bottoms across the river on the Iowa side and saw NO PLANTING.   Few Anhydrous tanks running around.   The soil temps are fairly cool yet,  and my planter tractor is in two pieces in my shop.   thats why I wasn't out.   

last year the early corn was the best, but who knows when the heat will hit this year.  

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Re: Planting progress

Highyields, that is the big question? I'm a ways north of you and nothing will happen here this week, for sure. Lots of northdakota and western minnesota pics of fields covered in snow. Alot of corn was harvested last year in august and sept. and that went right into the near empty pipeline. Now , I know we could have a very good and stocks building crop, but....only a very small portion of this will be available untill at least oct. 1. The aug/sept premidwest harvest will be interesting and I wonder if the big corn users have already taken acquiring physical corn into account. If a halfwit farmer like me can figure this out, I suspect that the "big boys" have concluded this long ago. RayJ, can you weigh in on this?

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