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Prices bad enough,

don't need to supplement it with fake statements.  So one article on 8/10 states.

"In its report, the USDA’s estimate of corn with a good/excellent rating is 71% vs. 72% a week ago."

Then in the 8/11 article, you got Al boy quoted as

“The USDA Crop Progress report showed corn ratings were unchanged from last week and soybean ratings improving by 1%. The corn rating was very close to what the trade had expected, while the soybean ratings were higher than expected,” Kluis told customers in a daily note. 

A 1% decline is a lot different then unchanged, especially when it should be getting better.  You can bet your ***** the price would have fallen a nickel had it been a 1% increase. 

Please just stay educated, and report / advise on the truth. 

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Re: Prices bad enough,

Sometimes it all looks fake.. 

like we’re listening to a script of a show about agriculture from the 50’s.  June Cleaver comes in and talks about gardening and canning and “did u brush your teeth” but it comes across as “did you wear your mask when you rioted with your friends?” 

Did the markets go up today, Ward?  Eat your toast beaver there are starving children in China with their finger in a Dam.  — in reality we don’t have an open market system at all.  Collusion by powerful groups has dismantled it while we watch the show.  Ward would have never said “ June dear, I’m waiting for the funds to take massive positions” or “ trying to see if the only buyer that really counts, China buys enough.”  

This is not reality these days— but it’s an image we like as opposed to the corruption we ignore.  Keep your moron mask on Wally, there is risk out there on the sidewalk.  Tell your classmates not to vote this year - there is just too much danger. 

Marketing is an “marketing tool image”

what farmers really do is sell at artificially low prices... So an honest forum question is “ when and how will you sell.”?

as long as we think it’s marketing there can never be employee benefits. 

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