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Protecting your hind end

Thought I would pass this along.  There is a crop insurance co that has a new least for us, has sold it for

a number of years in other states.  Think its available for corn and soybeans.......


It's called ICE or APO....basicly you can buy up your price level....dependent on what your level is, as to what you go

to......but, running the numbers thru, looks like an 18 to 20% premium rate......i'm not so sure if that's a good "return" rate.

This is a private product, and you get no help on it, it's basicly an add on.

Problem is, this is on an actual loss only, not on a price (revenue) loss.


There is another product also being offered, Price Flex....again slect a time to set your price.

This one will kick in on a revenue theory you could use this to your advantage if you are an astute student

of the markets, but if you guess wrong, you will reveret to the "set" RP (currently being set), if your time peroid is

lower than the RP level.....sound like a policy just for me.....i guess wrong, will not get any more, and still have to pay

out even more for insurance !!!


I think the key this year, in my humble opinion, is possibly buy up to the highest level, with revenue protection, yes i know

the sweet spot is about 75%, but if we see a melt down in commodity prices......or worse in a situation like now, we either

have the flood of the century, or a drought........all depending if you are looking at sea temps, looking at the sunspots,

counting years with years with and without el nino or la nina......or how many hairs the tomato worms have on their

backs, of the numer of fleas the dog has, how deep the snow pack much ice is on lake michigan..........

If we don't have a crop, and prices go up......we'll really be sick.


i havent talked to the insurance people much.......don't know if people are leaning towards higher coverage, or to

save money, go minium.





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Re: Protecting your hind end

The insurance man held a info meeting and was telling of a ton of private (not subsidized) add on`s that you can buy.  They`re really spendy, one requires them to have permission to go to your accountant and get your last 3 yrs of schedule F`s and if you have a claim this yr, they won`t pay you until you give the Schedule F for this year...them must not trust anyone further than they can throw `em.


The insurance man didn`t go much into it, but would if interested you could stop in, I think he knows around here there won`t be interest.   I think there may be certain farmers not carrying insurance this year, the coverage isn`t that great and if they`ve had a string where they haven`t really collected with this years low coverage they can probably take that chance especially if they are their own banker.

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Re: Protecting your hind end

This is when I start feeling kind of stupid..... When I am in a meeting trying to figure out how on earth I can afford crop insurance and the answer to my problem becomes "spend more"......


How did I get stuck in another "time share"  or would that be "risk sharing"  sales promotion 

And why do they go so "all out" when I can least afford it?


But wait......... aren't they actually telling us in the process..... that Crop insurance is a bad investment?



Just saying  you know ,,,,, how did the mouse trap get my finger again?

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Re: Protecting your hind end

Yes they are!  And you got bit!  😇  SW, I haven't explored add on coverage, but my suspicion is this is like gambling. When you're in the hole, and desperate, you double down and try for the brass ring. But it's out of reach, as always. Would anyone even think about these products if price was 5 bucks?  My guess, nope.