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Question for Shellady

You talk about some wuite days on the floor yet volumes seem to be pretty good.


IS this the advent of the new E trade?


Does this mean that some computers caught abunch of folks flat footed and may very well make a run for the doors here pretty soon?


I do not usually trust these holiday markets so I am wondering how much faith you put into this rally?


Thanks again and I milked all the holsteins this morning already and they are fine!


Happy new year also.

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Re: Question for Shellady

Happy New year to you too!


I would have to agree with you about the holiday markets.  Often times I think in a quiet market you may see the market take a direction and steadily trade that trend, often times due to lack of market participation.  As for this rally I do think that there is some merit to it for a few reasons.  South American weather has been dry and as a result many feel that the crop has been damaged.  This may play into the global forecast figures in that estimates may not be as robust as they were earlier this fall. 


As for the electronic trading aspect of things, I think that time will tell on that front.  The floor is still very relevant for trading options and finding value in an open outcry market.  As for the noise down on the floor of late there are a decent amount of guys on vacation for sure but the trade continues. 





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