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RR wheat in Montana

Any market consequence for the U.S with this second discovery of Roundup ready wheat?
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Re: RR wheat in Montana

It is quite interesting that the USDA APHIS investigation of results regarding the Oregon RR discovery were announced just prior to the next announcement of a new discovery in Montana. Which means they deliberately tried to separate the events. Why I don't know.


APHIS refused to say how, when or what thier investigation revealed for quite some time - or what kind of time table or process was involved. I'd be interested in the findings even if they didn't come to a conclusion as to why the event occurred. I'll guess it will take a FIA request and a few years to get it.


I wonder which terrorists Monsanto will blame for this occurance. AND I wonder if they'll be as hard on Montana academics as they were on OSU, which they bad mouthed severely when they claimed to have identified the variety, which was the same as one tested in the state prior.




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