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RT & Rainfall

RT - how's the rain looking for you?

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Re: RT & Rainfall

Not RT but, southwest of him in In we got three tenths. Anyway its to late for the corn. Question for Hobby, How do we go forward when I see a bloodbath develope this winter. Some of these guys limped into the planting season now this. Perhaps the ivy tower type and his friend the banker will suggest three wives, not just two. Anyway, the way I see it a lot will exit this winter.

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Re: RT & Rainfall

going forward in Ag as i see it from 46 years in the business consolidation will continue as always. Farmers will survive but not as we see them today. Will become managers for the multinational corporations because they can survive droughts and floods by raising prices as they need to. Washington will love consolidation because food stamps will be all thats left of the farm bill. Farms will be as large or larger than anything found in communist Russia back in the day because of driverless tractors, sprayers, combines etc. just a thought!

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Re: RT & Rainfall

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Jen, 1 inch exactly counting this morning's shower here and very thankful for it.   It's the largest rain at one time I've had since mid June.  I wish you would've predicted this 6 weeks ago.  Smiley Wink