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Re: Railways to Halt Shipments?

Use your memory, what happened to the Air Traffic Controller Strike threat?

When we have so many jobs and companies in monopoly positions the same will be the end result... If the actions of a union can affect the economic structure of society, they risk the same response...... Rail for sure is as close as the rest of us to automation and fewer jobs than ever before--and of course being "too big to fail" A union as well as a key job can be illuminated "as needed".  The more power and swag the closer you are to job loss.  Ask those once famous newspaper columnists who found the high pay just gets you fired when the US readership dumbs down and goes for a twitter fake reality.

Reagan's director of the United States Office of Personnel Management at the time, Donald J. Devine, argued:

When the president said no, American business leaders were given a lesson in managerial leadership that they could not and did not ignore. Many private sector executives have told me that they were able to cut the fat from their organizations and adopt more competitive work practices because of what the government did in those days. I would not be surprised if these unseen effects of this private sector shakeout under the inspiration of the president were as profound in influencing the recovery that occurred as the formal economic and fiscal programs.

Firing that union of workers turned out to be the driver in Reagans fight against inflation.  

Striking on one employer when you can go to work somewhere else is a risk but not as high as a rail worker striking and having no other job to go to.   Nursing could go the same way when there is an ugly strike on the resume. 

The world just looks different when viewed from the lofty government subsidized international monopoly position..... Like the local regional hospital staffing with hired traveling nurses....... they are easy to say goodbye to, and there is another international waiting in the wings.  It is like the federally subsidized healthcare h2a program.

But lets face it this time it is political what else can this leadership do?  .  And its best not to be on the list of federal employees needing rotated on the next change of staff.  This ugly political openness and reality has been a long time coming but when most employed are as uneducated as the press secretary, it won't be ignored by educated voters.

The Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization or PATCO was a United States trade union that operated from 1968 until its decertification in 1981 following an illegal strike that was broken by the Reagan Administration.

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Re: Railways to Halt Shipments?

Our government has handed out billions in "free" money over the past 2 years to people who aren't even working... Then, to top it off our government pays off student loan debts... 

Meanwhile, truckers and railroad workers kept America running during the pandemic. Since many truckers and railroad workers make too much money we didn't qualify for all the "free" money. 

If one looks at the generations, my generation (millennial) may be computer savvy, but a lot of my generation lack mechanical and heavy equipment experience. 

Trucking and railroading are similar. Both require at least some general mechanical ability, and both require traveling for days, weeks, or even months away from home. In fact, when I was preparing to leave military service the railroads were trying to recruit new veterans since most soldiers are used to being away from home and working in adverse weather conditions.. 

All that said, railroad workers haven't gotten a raise in years and are on call 24/7. I don't blame them for wanting more pay and benefits. Most people could learn to drive a semi truck or operate at train, but most people couldn't or wouldn't be able to handle the lifestyle. 

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Re: Railways to Halt Shipments?

SW   -  where  is  your  article  on  Paul  Volker  '''  21  %  '''  1981  ,   and  maybe  Reagan  fought  inflation  by  accepting  his  Screen  Actors Guild  of  America  rewards   = = =

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