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Veteran Advisor

Re: Rain delay

Tested all the all the alarms today.
Tornados all over the place.
Hail from 2 to4 inches
May have got 1 inch
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Veteran Advisor

Re: Rain delay

Official wx station over the hill had 2.88 inches.
Been a long time since we seen a rain like
But came at a price..alot of hail. 2 inch
Reports of baseball and softball.
We got in on some of the hail.
But wheat so thin and behind, impact

But before the dancing starts in the streets.
We need much much more.
Ponds bone dry. I wonder if they got any
Water in them with to ground absorbing the
Water before it gets there.
Yes, same weather situation today, but after
That, and a week of winds and warm temps
It will be gone.
You know it's bad when a good rain doesn't
Perk up people's sprits

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Veteran Advisor

Re: Rain delay

FYI. Big tornado on weather channel was about
30 miles from on farm.

It was within 5 miles of a very large Tornado
A couple years ago, that basically stayed in
One place for better than one mile.
Did alot of damage in a small path.
Alot of cattle killed. One thing that got me
Was a cow that was impaled on a steel post.

Better go put a new battery in wx radio.
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Honored Advisor

Re: Rain delay

Thanks I was wondering........ The storm was pretty close to you I assumed...

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Veteran Advisor

Re: Rain delay

Another day, another 3 or 4 tornados !!

Had to have infusion at hospital.

Noticed it was dark. Got a couple miles
Out of town and the radio came to life.

So far on radar better than inch

Em net said NWS server was crashing, too
Many connect requests
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Re: Rain delay

2.75 inches of rain here with high winds and small hail. Lots of standing water. Im glad my seed is still in the shed and nitrogen is still at the elevator. 

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