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Rain for China


First rainsign for weeks in the forecasts!!

But for sure it is uncertain because it is 14 days forecast.

I just remerber when Argentina shifted to rains at that time the forecast was pefectly right.

Something to watch.

EU are not get an early start for our crops....cold as hell!!!!

It was in Main too , just watched skishooting from over there!



I am watching Jinan of Shandong.

best w

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p-oed Farmer
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Re: Rain for China

Thanks euro........ To me it has been hard to get to excited about dry weather in china in Feb...... Keep us posted......TIA.....p-oed

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Re: Rain for China

And the markets so far tonight do not seem too excited about the rain either.

Up 14 and 1/2 cents for 60 lbs right now raises price quoted here another $5/t which brings spot quote on buyers websites tonight to over $285/tonne.

Should I wait for $300/t to sell more??

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