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Rain's a'fallin'

Good morning, everybody. So, it's raining pretty steadily here this morning. Anybody else as tired of this stuff as I am?! Wish I could ship this down to you in your neck of the woods, Shaggy!


So, besides celebrating the big Royals victory last night (I went to bed thinking it was a loss! Dang!), what are you doing to pass the time right now? Shop work? Catching up on your reading? Pacing a hole in the floor? 


Is there anything I can do to fill you in on anything you're curious about while you wait out the rainclouds?


Stay dry and safe today! 



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Re: Rain's a'fallin'

How bout them Royals. I'll take the rain, but not setting to bad right now. Can you hang onto it for about a month and let us get our Milo cut first? I know I know, never happy.
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Re: Rain's a'fallin'

1.27" South Podunk Country Iowa

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Re: Rain's a'fallin'

Need some here to settle the dust!! and the beans are getting to dry.
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